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Soul Rose excelの2枚組でしょうか?

一番上の写真のTIS 1:1DIRECTのものがSNOW ROSE eXcelと曲名が同じです。

soul rose excel CD1

01 – El Condor Pasa
02 – Time After Time
03 – When Will I See You Again
04 – Can’t Help Falling In Love
05 – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
06 – The Windmills Of Your Mind
07 – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
08 – Vincent
09 – Sometimes When We Touch
10 – All By Myself
11 – Do You Know Where You’re Going To
12 – Evergreen
13 – Hopelessly Devoted To You
14 – I Honestly Love You
15 – Dreaming Of You

soul rose excel CD2

01-I Swear
02-Every Breath you take away
03-I’d to teach the world to song
05-Especially for you
06-Have I told you lately
08-Eternal Flame
09-Somewhere out there
10-All I ask of you
12-I needed you
13-Have you ever been mellow
14-Your eyes
15-Speak Softly love


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